Competence Centre for Sustainable Energy Technology (KET)

The Competence Centre for Sustainable Energy Technology, in German: „Kompetenzzentrum für Nachhaltige Energietechnik” (KET), was founded by Paderborn University in January 2012, as one of the so-called “central research institutes” (“Zentrale wissenschaftliche Einrichtung”). The main tasks of KET include research, teaching and technology transfer in the area of environmentally friendly and innovative energy generation, transformation and utilization.

The background and expertise of the five cooperating research groups belonging to the mechanical and electrical engineering departments allow the development of interdisciplinary solutions for energy-related challenges from a single source.

Acting as an interface between industry and academic research, KET addresses institutional and industrial users and offers wide and comprehensive opportunities for cooperation by consulting, development, simulation and application in the area of modern energy technology.

Due to the partners’ knowledge and experience, the latest advanced results from the innovative energy technology sector are suggested for use.