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Centre for Sustainable Energy Technology (KET)


it’s OWL KMUmicrogrid

The project target is to develop a micro grid demonstration facility for the energy supply of an industrial SME. For this purpose, power controllers are being enhanced with regards to energy efficiency, reliability and usability.

It’s OWL Energy Efficiency

This project focuses on the development of important technologies for the improvement of energy efficiency in intelligent technical systems. The aim is the development of an instrument for the efficient and consumption-based transformation, regulation and distribution of energy within the production chain.

Efficiency improvement of cooling devices for domestic use

The increase of the energy efficiency of domestic devices for refrigeration and freezing by the use of phase-change materials is being investigated within this project. A further goal is to increase the cycle duration of the cooling process, making these devices suitable for demand side management.

Energy controlling via virtual large-scale consumers

The shift towards the utilization of renewable energies requires variable energy loads. The cold storage systems in many cooling devices offer the opportunity to create “virtual large-scale consumers” and, thus, to provide the grid with control power by explicit load decrease. The controlling is realized via signals within the mobile network.


The development of high-performance solvents for CO2-absorption offers an improvement of the energy efficiency during the CO2-capturing as well as s sustainable increase in the overall process efficiency and safety. The simulation, optimization and manufacturing of packed column units, as well as experimental and numerical studies of advanced solvents, are the main topics within the scope of this project.


The main focus is process optimization towards increased energy efficiency of electric vehicles. This includes the analysis, identification and modelling of all important parameters which have an influence on the electrical drive chain efficiency. This should allow to develop an improved control strategy and hence the motor operation at a higher efficiency.

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